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August 21, 2008



Yay! Marissa that is so awesome for you to finally be out of there. Keep improving and you will be out of the hospital in NO TIME :) I love you and am still praying

do you have a tv now??

Kelly and Who's Shannon

Marissa, I guess I am going to have to join myspace and be your friend so I can keep updated on you. Kasey tells me I am too old for myspace.....HA I think I could get an exception in this case! I am glad you are doing better. Kasey has already inked you in on the Garage Calendar that she is making a trip to see you in a week or so. I know she is ready. Much love to you, our other "baby girl". Keep on keeping on!

Lisa Simon


Enjoy that freedom! We are so happy and in awe of your will and strength. We can't wait to see your strong and radiant self again. You are an amazing woman!

Love from Santa Cruz,
Lisa, Jeff and Mia

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